Time travel is a sensitive topic in movies. Chiefly because it doesn’t take a Ph.D in physics to tell when it’s just not adding up. These kind of movies live and die by readily apparent inconsistencies and/or plot holes. That’s not to say these films can’t work, they are just always in a state of damage control. Constantly utilizing rules and restrictions to give their characters some kind of boundary for things to make sense.  However, when they do work it can lead to truly fulfilling experience. ARQ is one of those movies, expertly taking the weakness of its low-budget and weaving it into a most compelling narrative.

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Ain’t No Party Like a Sausage Party


Let’s just get this out the way, Sausage Party is borderline life changing. It is religious satire at its absolute best. Not only that, it’s the best attempt at a parody of the Pixar formula to date. Taking the premise of turning familiar inanimate objects and giving them life. Then flipping that premise on its head by covering it in this vale of religious rigmarole including and not limited to Gods, The Great Beyond, Purity.. just to name a few.

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Death by Suicide? Not Today


Suicide Squad for better or worst has a lot to live up too. This is in part because Batman v Superman had a lukewarm reception at best. So a lot of people were looking to Suicide Squad to essentially prove, this universe can compete with Marvel. Lets just get this out the way, Suicide Squad is the best DC cinematic universe movie to date. It is easily more enjoyable than Batman v Superman and Man of Steel. You may think be saying, well that’s not very tall hurdle… but none the less it does exactly what it set out to do. I also think people are disliking DC movies at this point because it’s becoming very trendy to do so.

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I Ain’t Afraid of No Reboot


Ghostbuster fans were not shy about their displeasure in the general direction of the franchise. The 2016 movie not only decided to reboot the universe but recasted all the roles with woman. What we get is a movie that haters can’t hold up and say “See I told you it would suck!”. Folks on the other side of the tracks can’t say “See, look how great it is” either. GhostBusters is frankly an okay movie, and in a summer where suck is on major display. Good might be just enough.

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Beyond the Frontier


We are all aware of the status quo when it comes to trilogies. This is often where franchises take a noise dive towards a very unpleasant death. Especially action movies, which suffer from the thematic disease of “Bigger and Better”. The last Trek movie “Into Darkness” was a financial success but lukewarmly received by fans. So the writing could have already been on the wall for Star Trek Beyond, and maybe the Enterprise was already sinking for lack of a better word. Fortunately for you and everyone involved, Beyond is a solid hit. It is arguably better than the rebooted movie in 2009.

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Is The End Nigh?



It’s a little difficult to keep track of the X-men movies. X-men Apocalypse is 9th installment of the X-Men franchise. However it is chronologically.. the third movie in the series,… since the last movie reset the timeline / movie universe?? Was that confusing? Yeah… blame FOX. I think Apocalypse is the conclusion of the “X-Men : First Class” trilogy. It continues the tradition of making the final part of a trilogy bigger and louder. Unfortunately, it also continues the tradition of being a little underwhelming.

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Divided We Stand



At this point, Marvel Studios has mastered the slow burn. Make no mistake, Civil War was 8 years in the making. It works because it leverages all the character building and world construction done in the past two phases of the MCU. Is this movie the shining pearl upon which the studio can stand? No, Avengers still has that honor. Does this movie have the most cohesive storytelling the studio’s ever done? Nope, Captain America: Winter Soldier did it better. What the studio has done is find the space between the spectacle of Avengers and the storytelling of Winter Soldier. If you had any doubts about this movie, know that its middle ground is uncompromisingly awesome.

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Girls come of age too


French director Céline Sciamma wants to show us a spirited and insightful look at what it means to grow as a girl. This is more than the usual hollywood trappings. Sciamma isn’t interested in stereotypes or the usual melodramatic story beats. She is instead interested in moments.  Moments experienced by girls doing what each and every one of us had to do at some point….. “grow up”.

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Heroes Collide


Batman v Superman is the culmination of any and all comic book fans. To some this day seemed as much impossible as it were inevitable. It is DC’s valiant attempt at playing catch up to the runaway train that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pitting its two most tent-pole heroes against each other. There in lies the question. Like any highlight anticipated Superbowl, World Series or Boxing ticket, can the event live up to the hype?

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My Top Movies of 2015

Another year has gone by and it’s been a good year. As such, I will continue the tradition I started last year by doing my top six movies of the year list. Yeah, six is a rather odd number, but last year I just couldn’t settle on 5. So going forward, I hope to always just stick with six. To give myself so leeway, this list is only my personal favorite, and being such I don’t have to be overly objective. So lets jump In.

Runner Ups.

Just a quick shout out to the films that missed the cut for my list. I loved this films, but there can only be o… I mean, six.

Inside Out
Mad Max : Fury Road
The Martian
Straight Outta Compton
Beast of No Nation

Lets dig in.

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