Beyond the Frontier


We are all aware of the status quo when it comes to trilogies. This is often where franchises take a noise dive towards a very unpleasant death. Especially action movies, which suffer from the thematic disease of “Bigger and Better”. The last Trek movie “Into Darkness” was a financial success but lukewarmly received by fans. So the writing could have already been on the wall for Star Trek Beyond, and maybe the Enterprise was already sinking for lack of a better word. Fortunately for you and everyone involved, Beyond is a solid hit. It is arguably better than the rebooted movie in 2009.

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Is The End Nigh?



It’s a little difficult to keep track of the X-men movies. X-men Apocalypse is 9th installment of the X-Men franchise. However it is chronologically.. the third movie in the series,… since the last movie reset the timeline / movie universe?? Was that confusing? Yeah… blame FOX. I think Apocalypse is the conclusion of the “X-Men : First Class” trilogy. It continues the tradition of making the final part of a trilogy bigger and louder. Unfortunately, it also continues the tradition of being a little underwhelming.

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Divided We Stand



At this point, Marvel Studios has mastered the slow burn. Make no mistake, Civil War was 8 years in the making. It works because it leverages all the character building and world construction done in the past two phases of the MCU. Is this movie the shining pearl upon which the studio can stand? No, Avengers still has that honor. Does this movie have the most cohesive storytelling the studio’s ever done? Nope, Captain America: Winter Soldier did it better. What the studio has done is find the space between the spectacle of Avengers and the storytelling of Winter Soldier. If you had any doubts about this movie, know that its middle ground is uncompromisingly awesome.

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Girls come of age too


French director Céline Sciamma wants to show us a spirited and insightful look at what it means to grow as a girl. This is more than the usual hollywood trappings. Sciamma isn’t interested in stereotypes or the usual melodramatic story beats. She is instead interested in moments.  Moments experienced by girls doing what each and every one of us had to do at some point….. “grow up”.

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Heroes Collide


Batman v Superman is the culmination of any and all comic book fans. To some this day seemed as much impossible as it were inevitable. It is DC’s valiant attempt at playing catch up to the runaway train that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pitting its two most tent-pole heroes against each other. There in lies the question. Like any highlight anticipated Superbowl, World Series or Boxing ticket, can the event live up to the hype?

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My Top Movies of 2015

Another year has gone by and it’s been a good year. As such, I will continue the tradition I started last year by doing my top six movies of the year list. Yeah, six is a rather odd number, but last year I just couldn’t settle on 5. So going forward, I hope to always just stick with six. To give myself so leeway, this list is only my personal favorite, and being such I don’t have to be overly objective. So lets jump In.

Runner Ups.

Just a quick shout out to the films that missed the cut for my list. I loved this films, but there can only be o… I mean, six.

Inside Out
Mad Max : Fury Road
The Martian
Straight Outta Compton
Beast of No Nation

Lets dig in.

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The Story Needed Spotlight


“If there were 90 of these bastards, people would know”. It’s not normal for me to start a review with a quote, but this quote captures what this movie aims to showcase. In 2001, The Boston Globe’s investigative journalist team Spotlight, took a deep look into the allegations of sexual misconduct of the catholic church in Boston. The result of this report, published in January of 2002 bought a harrowing truth to light. A scathing indictment to over 70 priests in the Boston area who were found to sexually abuse minors. The systematic attempt from the Boston archdiocese to cover it up.  The repercussions of this report weren’t just felt in Boston.  I was not raised a catholic, but I did attend catholic school in the Bronx NY for over seven years.  The Monsignor at my high school was charged of sexual abuse in 2002 for conduct in 1970s. The victim in question, got the courage to speak out because of the outcry from Spotlight’s report. This was something I was fortunately unaffected by, but I saw it’s effects first hand. From the steward supporters, who knew Mgsr. Kavanagh as a godly man, and the people who immediately held him in contempt. At it’s core, Spotlight is a real journalist movie. It’s subject matter is one of true intrigue and impact. It doesn’t get overly concerned with the characters because the story’s development is the actual star of the film.

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Surprisingly Delicious


You may or may not know Stephen Chow. He is the brain behind comedy cult favorites Kung-Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. He partakes in a very nonsensical style of comedy around seemingly ordinary things. Borrowing heavy inspiration from eastern animation elements like : over the top moves, expressions and dialogue. I came across the first film he made in that style, The God of Cookery. What we have here is a very entertaining comedy about a celebrity chef, Chow, who has given himself the titular nickname “The God of Cookery”.  Those with an appreciation for eastern culture will get an extra kick out of this film.  As there are plenty of call backs and easter eggs to far eastern pop culture, some even holding weight today.  Yet the movie is still general enough for anybody to follow along and enjoy the ride.

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The Power In A Name

The original Rocky was released in 1976, almost 40 years ago. Rocky was more than a movie for its time. The quintessential underdog story, about how with enough hard work you can achieve your dreams. We’ve grown with Rocky over that time-span with five hit or miss sequels, 4 if you do the wise thing and forget Rocky 5 ever existed (I did).  However, father time is undefeated and Rocky can’t don the gloves anymore. Enter in Adonis Creed, the son of Rocky’s greatest in the ring rival Apollo Creed. We get a new underdog story, one for the new generation and it is as rich and fulfilling as the first time Rocky stepped in the ring.

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Maybe Not The Last


Let’s be honest, audiences love a good supernatural film. They almost tend to come and go in phases / fads. The 80’s were all about ghost and ghouls. The 90’s were dominated by vampires, and we are currently knee-deep in a zombie craze. There is nothing wrong with this, and every now and then we get a film that is trying to find its own space. That is what “The Last Witch Hunter” feels like the most. Vampires are substituted with “Witches”. The eerie dystopian scenery is instead filled by more modern scenery.  Replacing the young “teenage” hero with a large and some what menacing Vin Diesel.  “The Last Witch Hunter” isn’t rewriting any formulas,  but it becomes clear fairly quickly that it isn’t trying to. It just wants to be different, and excelling at those differences is what ultimately makes watching Vin Diesel’s Kaulder such a fun ride. Kaulder is cursed with immortality. A curse casted on him by the witch queen when he defeated her over 800 years ago. For that time period he has faithfully served an organization that maintains the balance between humans and witches called The Axe and Cross.

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