Hello My name is Daniel Rabess, and welcome to blog about all things movies and TV. I consider myself a big enthusiast about Movies and TV, and after years of being the go to guy for my circle of friends & family about whats good and whats not.  I’ve finally decided to stretch my creative legs and start this blog.  I am far from a good writer, and I hope at the very least to get better over time. Besides that, I hope you enjoy my writings.  I just want to share my perspective, looking forward to connecting with more people.

Expect new reviews every Monday!  Most times it will be of recent releases but I won’t be shy switching it up from time to time.

Why do I Love Movies So Much?

Going to the movies with my mother is one of my earliest memories I have as kid. I had a tendency to day dream often as a kid, and part of that is because I love getting lost in other worlds.  Alot of people think going to the movies these days is very impersonal, on the fact that not much interacting goes on.  I believe the opposite of this, going to the movies for me is opening up that part of me.  That vulnerable part, that imagines being a super hero, or solving a crime. Sharing that moment with people is something I truly enjoy. It’s an intimate moment to me, even if nobody else thinks so 🙂

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Daniel!

    I was just looking for some reviews on John Wick and stumbled on your website. I really enjoyed your piece on the movie, and I ended up checking out the other movie reviews. They’re awesome!

    I actually write a movie blog myself, but focussed on recommendations. Like this one, based on John Wick: http://www.movieslikemovies.com/movies-like-john-wick/

    I was wondering if you’d consider adding a link to it to your review of the movie. It’d be cool if I could link your review on my page as well!


    1. Hey, thanks for visiting!, I really like your site!

      absolutely, would love to add a link to your site, and im cool with you adding my review.!

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